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2000 GT



FORD CAPRI 2000 GT - 1970 - PEROU

I wrote from Cusco Perú (south america) and i have a capri 1970, i started to restored my car
5 months ago and want to send you my pics and i accept opinions about it. it so hard find.
parts to continue the restoration, specially motor parts, but it´s amazing.
I bought this capri here in Perú, I have two cars capri, the other one is waiting for a
My capri is 6 cylinders and 2000cc.
It´s nice see the people looks and admire my vehicle especially the tourist from europe
or north america.
Here in Cusco, me and my friends have a Club of Old Cars, we are incluided into the country
club, CLUB DEL AUTOMOVIL ANTIGUO DEL PERU, there are cars from 1928 to 1970.




Capri Accueil


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